Fuzzy now confident with NLC Payroll on board

In May 2019 Fuzzy engaged NLC Payroll in a full outsourced model. With their last payroll provider presenting errors in data entry of payment details, Fuzzy was spending large amounts of time answering post pay queries and issues relating to missed and bounced payments. Since NLC Payroll have been on board, accurate data entry has meant time being freed up for Fuzzy to concentrate on what they do best – creating memorable events.

  Recruiting for Payroll

Fuzzy were researching accounting software to help bring their payroll in house. After discussions with an MYOB consultant, it was decided it wasn’t worth using payroll software and Fuzzy was put in touch with NLC Payroll.

  Choosing NLC Payroll

Fuzzy needed a solution that would be able to handle the large quantities of staff and the time in which they need to be paid, accurate data entry, and post event data reporting, which was also an issue. In addition, due to the nature of their work, each pay run is largely made up of new employees. Fuzzy needed accuracy, confidence and clarity in their payroll service and reporting.

Increased payroll reporting transparency

Fuzzy have commented that NLC’s reporting data is easy to navigate and use with clear and concise payslips. The turnaround times from the previous payroll provider were not meeting Fuzzy’s requirements. With NLC they have prompt service in line with their expectation, together with the ability to request specific reports and have them personalised for their unique requirements; making the Finance Manager’s job a little easier. One of the most noticeable benefits has been the significant reduction in post pay enquiries which saves Fuzzy time, allowing them to concentrate more on their core service.