Payroll Consulting

Personalised payroll advice and support for your business

Reducing your compliance risk

Payroll legislation can be difficult to navigate, the laws that govern payroll are complex and ever-changing. The risk of non-compliance can weigh heavily on your business.

With over 30 years’ experience working with businesses from small start-ups to large government agencies, we offer strategic advice and create cost-effective and compliant payroll processes for your business.

Our consulting services include:

Audit and Review

Payroll Software


Analysis of payroll data

Payroll software implementation and roll outs

Providing remedial options acceptable to key stakeholders

Labour Inspectorate responses

End to end data migration

Providing calculation per employee / issue / leave instance

Interpreting multiple employment agreements

Facilitating workshops and providing guidance

Building applications to recalculate leave

Audit and Review

Due to its complex nature, the Holidays Act 2003 legislation has caused businesses a lot of confusion. This is where NLC can come in and audit your payroll system for Holidays Act compliance. Following the audit the findings are then written up in a comprehensive review, giving you the opportunity to understand where the issues lie, and your options going forward.

Payroll Software

NLC can assist with preparing, extracting and the transfer of data between existing and new payroll systems, ensuring data continuity and no downtime between system. We are thorough as we work through the data that is to be transferred into the new payroll system in a way that is compatible.


Following Holidays Act and Payroll reviews, when it has been discovered that employees have not been paid their leave entitlements correctly, NLC can assist with the remediation process of both current and terminated employees having built our own remediation calculator. We add value from the very beginning; helping to gather the data required for the remediation through to the outstanding monies hitting the bank accounts of grateful past and present employees.

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