Otago Polytechnic chooses NLC as a Payroll Partner

Otago Polytechnic is tertiary educational institute with more than 9,000 students and over 830 staff, including 150 casuals who are time sheeted. The relationship with NLC Payroll started as an emergency service due to the unavailability of payroll staff. This was then extended to mitigate future risk. NLC Payroll carries out all the pay run processing, while other functions are maintained in-house.

  Finding Payroll Experience

In a medium-sized organisation like Otago Polytechnic, there is a need to have a regular back-up resource to cover the Payroll Administrator. However, it takes time and training to gain the required software and payroll knowledge, and there’s always a risk that both staff members are unable to work on occasion, therefore, partnering with NLC Payroll made sense.

Choosing NLC Payroll

Otago Polytechnic needed reliable, consistent and knowledgeable staff to maintain a seamless process, whether they were doing end to end payroll function or only a portion of it. Most of all, the Polytechnic sought reliable payroll system knowledge and experience, and NLC Payroll provide this.

Seamless Transition for Staff at Otago Polytechnic

Otago Polytechnic has moved to a model that suits its operation – retaining in-house knowledge with the assurance that a proven and reliable partner can step in at short notice. The partnership has minimised system training thanks to NLC Payroll’s system expertise, making in-house training quicker and more targeted. Staff have noticed no unfavourable changes to the payroll function, even benefiting from quicker turnaround times for payroll queries.