About NLC Payroll

Payroll solutions that work for your business

When it comes to payroll, one size does not fit all

NLC Payroll offers customised payroll solutions to businesses of all sizes across the private and public sector.

In 2007, Mike Sherry and Kellie Bishell launched NLC Payroll with a goal to provide tailored payroll solutions to meet the unique needs of their customers. In 2015, partnering with MYOB PayGlobal, NLC Payroll launched its outsourced payroll service – a customisable outsourced payroll solution that streamlines your payroll service whilst relieving you of the pressure and ensuring your staff are paid accurately and on time. 

Since then, NLC Payroll have developed strategic partnerships with SpinifexIT – SAP HR/Payroll software, and global reporting specialist DataInview, giving you access to a total payroll solution that integrates seamlessly with your business.

Today, Mike and Kellie, together with a skilled team of payroll specialists in Wellington and Melbourne, help businesses navigate complicated payroll legislation and improve their payroll compliance. From large, complex solutions to smaller, simple services, we work with you to identify your unique needs and create a solution to match.

What we do

NLC Payroll has two business arms, Payroll Consulting and Outsourced Payroll.

Our consultancy team works with you to manage your Holidays Acts reviews, remediation projects and assist you with developing personalised business processes including payroll software implementation and roll outs.

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Our Outsourced Payroll solution offers an end-to-end payroll service for your business. We take the pressure, time and cost out of payroll, delivering a highly customisable, comprehensive and accurate payroll function.

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How we work

NLC Payroll create payroll solutions that work for you.

We begin by understanding every aspect of your business, we combine that knowledge with our payroll expertise to develop a tailored solution that works with your current processes.

Building solid relationships is an integral part of our process. We develop long-term relationships by consistently delivering on our promises and offering valuable, accurate advice that makes a tangible difference to your business.

The NLC Payroll Team

Relationships form the backbone of our business. Led by Mike and Kellie, our team of payroll specialists bring vast experience and expertise to your business. Together, we deliver payroll solutions that work for you.