Strategic partnerships that provide a total solution

NLC Payroll has aligned itself with global leaders in human resources and payroll technology, giving you access to a range of cutting-edge business improvement tools. From payroll software to human resources reporting and organisational charting tools, NLC Payroll can offer a comprehensive suite of products that will improve and enhance your entire HR and payroll function.

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NLC Payroll partners with MYOB PayGlobal to provide reliable, accurate outsourced payroll services to businesses across New Zealand and Australia.

PayGlobal Limited develops industry-leading HR and payroll software. With a team of over 100, based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland and Christchurch it has more than 500 customers, paying over 500,000 people through its user-friendly HR and payroll software.

In 2014, PayGlobal joined MYOB. MYOB is a leading provider of business management, accounting, payroll and tax software, providing support to businesses of all sizes. Over 20 years, MYOB has grown to support 1.2 million customers, including more than 40,000 accountants across Australia and New Zealand.

NLC Payroll is the exclusive New Zealand distributor of SpinifexIT, world-leading payroll and business improvement software for SAP HR and Payroll. From sales and demonstrations, to implementation, and support and training, NLC Payroll offers an end-to-end service designed to make your SAP HR and Payroll business processes faster and easier.

In businesses with 200 to 200,000 employees, SpinifexIT software solutions save time, money, and resources. SpinifexIT creates business process improvement solutions to empower users, enabling them to perform their most important tasks more effectively.

The solutions are easy to use, can be installed within hours and significantly increase your ability to quickly report on, distribute and analyse your most critical SAP HR and Payroll information.

Our long-standing partnership ensures your business is locally supported by a New Zealand team with vast SpinifexIT product knowledge that is underpinned by a thorough understanding of SAP payroll.

Data Inview is an Australasian agent for PeopleFluent, an American company specialising in organisational charting, workforce planning, data integrity and reporting solutions. With consultants experienced in HR management, Data Inview’s team not only sell and support the products, they understand how to use technology to best support your business.

​Their innovative use of technology has been showcased in case studies presented at conferences in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

By partnering with Data Inview, NLC Payroll can offer support for any combined Payroll/HR project.

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