intelliHUB adopts an outsourced payroll solution with NLC Payroll

intelliHUB have recently engaged the services of NLC Payroll in a full outsourced model. Having recently moved from having payroll support via their parent company, intelliHUB needed to source their own payroll solution for both their Australian and New Zealand employees. NLC Payroll have worked closely with intelliHUB in order to bring on both payrolls, along with scaling their New Zealand operation during a new business acquisition.

 Resourcing their Payroll

As well as losing their payroll support, IntelliHUB experienced some intellectual property loss during the process of separation from their parent company so required confidence in any proposed solutions. While researching options for a new payroll provider, their MYOB Account Manager recommended NLC Payroll.

 Choosing NLC Payroll

Following the first discussion, intelliHUB could already see the benefit in an outsourced model for their payroll. Recruiting for a position that was not part of their core business meant that the prospect of NLC Payroll taking ‘the pain away’ was the preferred option.

Payroll Predictability

Having lost some of the intellectual property of their payroll through the handover, intelliHUB are now empowered and getting what they need out of their payroll function. Through timely reporting and a concise payroll, they are now at ease – assured by the predictability of their payroll process.