Trade Me turn to NLC Payroll

In 2017, Trade Me engaged the services of NLC Payroll’s ‘Virtual Payroll’ outsourced payroll services. Since NLC Payroll have been servicing their payroll, Trade Me have noticed a shift to a more positive payroll image within the company and a decrease in employee queries relating to incorrect payments. NLC Payroll work closely with Trade Me to ensure they are getting the most out of their payroll system and assist in the training of their Finance and HR team in best practices.

  Recruiting for Payroll

Trade Me were recruiting for a new Payroll Manager when they were advised of NLC Payroll’s services by one of our other clients. They were having great difficulties finding a suitable candidate – so they contacted NLC Payroll to discuss solutions.

 Choosing NLC Payroll

Trade Me needed consistent, reliable, and skilled payroll resources. As payroll is our core business, Trade Me understood that our legislative payroll knowledge meant they could carry on doing what they do best – and leave the rest to us.

Increased Payroll Engagement

Trade Me have noticed increased engagement within the wider business through an approachable payroll provider who is quick to respond to their people, and accurate in both queries answered and payments to staff. Signing off the payroll has been much easier for the Group Accountants as the pays are correct, and the reporting clear and concise.